We are leading in the organic A grade dried mushrooms.

Established in 2017, we OLEANDER INTERNATIONAL are engaged in manufacturing, whole-selling and trading of edible mushrooms &dried mushrooms. Offered products are processed through boiling water treatment. Offering our products at very low prices to our customer within the assured period of time.

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Quality Products

At Oleander International's we take pride in our quality assurance program. We want our customers to feel confident that when they purchase any of Oleander International's fine products they receive a safe, fresh, delicious product!

  • We have monthly inspections of the entire facility.
  • We continually update our employee training to encompass the latest in food safety practices and innovations.
Perfect Service

Mushroom Farms = Great Recyclers of Agricultural waste products! Oleander International’s uses wheat straw, dried poultry waste to grow our mushrooms. All of these components are agricultural waste products that would end up dumped or burned. Our spent compost is sold to a soil company. It makes great soil amendments for wholesale and retail use. Oleander International’s recaptures water run-off for re-use.

100% Organic

Mushroom cultivation processed through boiling water treatment.


Food hygiene & sanitation is essential aspect of mushroom cultivation


We provide the perfect service for you.


100% organic


Food hygiene & sanitation is essential aspect of mushroom cultivation.

A grade

A grade dried mushroom